Because your retrogames deserve it!

A brand new scraper to beautify your retrogaming experience!

Improve your retrogaming experience!

Give your favorite retrogaming software access to thousands of game metadata.
Get high quality pictures: Game's Logo, Screenshots, Flyers, 3D-boxes, SteamGrid...
Get verified information: Synopsis, Genres, Classifications, Number of players, Ratings...

Skraper currently supports EmulationStation metadata through RecalBox & Retropie.
It can fill LaunchBox game list & images more accurately and faster than LaunchBox itself!
New softwares/front-ends will be supported soon: MAME/MAMEUI, ...

All metadata provided by

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Damn fast!

Local cache + Massive optimization & multithreading usage = Less bandwidth, more speed!


Easy configuration. Use the 5 steps wizard to configure everything in a few minutes and start scraping immediately.

Tons of settings

Get what you want and make what you want. Fine tune per system if you wish.
Powerfull & high-quality User-mix supported.


Modern UI

Modern flat UI design mostly based on Material Design from Google

Real-time Progression

See scrap engines working & Watch downloaded image or built compositions in real-time


Clear & smart user interface. Easy to use.

Local Cache

Test as many configurations as you want. With the local cache, download once, scrap many

Image Composition

User mix allow high quality & complex image composition using JSON definition files
(instant preview available)

Optimized Media

Get everything you want: Information, Pictures, Videos or even Manuals.
Optimized media storage. Hash computation allow media to be saved once, linked many


200+ supported systems, hundred of thousands of media & information!

SKRAPER exists because of the community of
Day after day, many people collect, sort, arrange and share their information and pictures

You can contribute to the database to unlock more scrap engines to get your stuff faster. See what you can get in the F.A.Q.
By using SKRAPER, you allow the database to anonymously and automatically record the names and checksums of you roms/games.
Then, collected data may be validated and integrated into the database

Image Compositions

Create and share your own 'mixes'!

Downloading raw resources is not enough?
Open a text editor and create your own XML 'mix'.

XML Mix descriptors allow creating complex image compositions, using remote & local resources.
Position, resize, rotate, apply color filters & project images, text or even sub-mixes, w/ or w/o transparency, etc...
Unleash your imagination and create everything you want!


Get It!

Skraper 1.1.1 Out!

SKRAPER is currently in BETA stage publicly available for Windows only
Linux & MacOS users, thanks for your patience.

SKRAPER is a .NET application.
On windows, you might need to install or update your .NET framework HERE
If requires the latest mono-complete package on Linux and MacOS.

SKRAPER works best with the following softwares/front-ends